3D Modeling Services

We are one of the leading providers of 3D Modeling services Worldwide. With over 800 completed projects for over 12 years, we draw on a wealth of experience and can optimally respond to your needs. Here we work with the most professional 3D modeling and rendering tools that are also used in Hollywood but are also ideally suited for Furniture product, architectural and industrial Modeling.
Our clients are able to visualize their concepts and projects with our support and thus consider a photorealistic result even before the actual completion. People like to know in advance how things look like and the better they can imagine, the easier and more efficient the planning and execution becomes. A win-win strategy for all involved, where our clients even save their wallet. 3D Modeling saves time and thus money – much more money than it costs.
We create your design in 3D, amazingly realistic and realistic – whether a detached house, a shopping center, a business or entire construction areas an industrial project, a product modeling a furniture design etc.

Professional product Modeling:
No matter what purpose: Whether for the presentation in the development stage or for advertising purposes … With our know-how, we visualize your product in astonishingly realistic photo quality. With the help of state-of-the-art programs and our competent 3D team, we breathe life into your imagination.
Our customers come from many industries:
Industries for product Modeling:
• Educational institutions
• Advertising agencies
• Photography
• The service sector, etc.
The product is displayed in the desired environment and in perfect light. The time-consuming post-processing is eliminated. It is not necessary that your product already exists in real life. A finished booklet can already be printed; a website can be online while your product is still in final development.
Any discrepancies in the product can be detected in good time. Changes requested by the client or customer can still be discussed. The illustrations are not rigid as in photography but can easily be changed in any way.
Product Modeling are very changeable. Color variations or different materials, as well as light and environment, can be easily changed at any time. You save a lot of money. Where in photography the perfect angle and the perfect light play a big role, in the 3D world the best perspectives can be “tested” and subsequently corrected.
The created model can then be animated with ease. For example, a rotating packshot, taking into account ambient and light reflections is not a problem.
Your product Modeling is only finished when you are 100% satisfied. There is no limit to the corrections. We also offer very interesting conditions for quantities.

3D Character modeling:
Our 3D specialists are not only able to design impressive replicas of architecture. Using 3D technology, we also create photorealistic characters such as animals, humans, fantasy figures, mascots or comic characters. These find their use in animated animation or in advertising. We are happy to assist you with your project.
For example, 3D modeling opens up completely new possibilities in advertising. Animals can accept human behaviors, gestures or facial expressions and promote your product. We have already received international awards for our character modeling.

How do we do our modeling process?
Our work is usually based on plans or data from popular CAD or other programs. Sometimes, however, we also start on the basis of rough sketches and even on the basis of telephone conversations we have already visualized.
For the modeling of the object, we use the industry standard 3D Studio Max Maya and Autodesk Revit as well as numerous extensions and tools. We also have the huge collection of objects and materials. And thanks to our creative minds, there's more every day. We visualize with passion, heart, and soul.

1st stage: modeling the architecture
We model walls, windows, doors, decorations, and roofs. We model every little detail from the flowerpot to the house number. We gather information from your plans and/or information incorporate our experience and are in close contact with you and/or your architect. Since we master 3D modeling par excellence, we can form the basis for photorealistic representation here that cannot be provided by tools or programs available on the market.

2nd stage: Creating the environment
We create the ground and take into account slopes and bumps. We model roads, paths, trees, and plants. This ultimately contributes to the photorealistic result. The assembly in already existing photo material is a matter of course for us. Finally, we can also take pictures with our drone and take into account the height and the viewing angle during the training. In the end, if desired, creates a deceptively real image, which you can use for the purpose. Of course, you can also provide us with your own material.

3rd stage: Texturing the surfaces, determine the materials
We determine surfaces and thereby give the object the finishing touch. From the detailed wood structure to the brushed stainless steel – everything is thought of. But not only surfaces but also the properties of each material are considered. Is it transparent like glass? Or does it reflect like a mirror, water or metal? The trick is to find the right twist here between realism and bauble. We prefer the perfect balance in our artistic work – not too simple, not too fancy, and always as close to reality as possible.

4th stage: corrections / final acceptance
A great feature of our company is the unlimited number of corrections that we offer each customer without additional calculation. We work according to the credo: It is only finished when the customer is 100% satisfied. Never before has a customer had to accept architectural modeling that did not fully meet or even exceed expectations.
Strong words, will you say? Test us and find out for yourself. Working with us is fun, creative and affordable building Modeling and recordings for your property

Animated architectural Modeling and videos for your property
Anyhow static Modeling's, we additionally offer the probability to quicken your design Modeling’s. We make photorealistic recordings or virtual journeys through the property fordable. What do you want – you! – More?

To properly present the real estate and architectural Modeling's, video animations are an effective tool. The object transforms from a flat representation to the three-dimensional scene. It comes to life and gives us the satisfying feeling of being able to look into every corner right now. From a theoretical "it could be" becomes a practical "so it becomes, MY house".

On request, we will generate an animated version of your finished Modeling. Here you can impressively demonstrate how the property will finally work. Different perspectives, light incidents, from near and far, up and down, in the whole and in detail – to human imagination, animations provide so much support that there is no room for doubt or questions.

With our virtual tours, you can already commit the property before completion. Through our photorealistic, virtual tours, it almost feels like you’re already in the finished building. The future landlord feels well before the realization as the actual owner of the new property and sees reality and vision merge in real time to an object.

360 ° panorama & virtual ascent
We enjoy TV experiences go to the cinema and put on special glasses to feel right in the middle of the adventure. With the mobile phone, we become a director ourselves, creating videos that millions can then watch. Moving images lead us out into the world, into the deep sea or into the Himalayas without leaving our point of view. Games created on the PC allow us to act ourselves, in fantasy worlds that look deceptively real today.
Also, for buildings or individual premises, you can make use of technology and programs that allow outsiders to make a virtual tour, for example, by their future residential property. Not yet finished, in need of renovation or unfurnished, bare and empty – these problems no longer matter. Looking at the green of the beginning of the construction project, wandering through worn-out, half-ruined buildings stuffed with furniture from the day before yesterday makes a broker's clients more of a doubt that a positive decision. For a popular tool, home staging may need to be taken deep into the pocket in advance, even disposal costs money. Conversely, if projects are fully taught as early as possible, the investment risk is much lower.

A 3D Modeling can simulate everything in advance, whether it's a new building or a stock. The architecture and basic furniture are drawn. A style adapted furnishing with contemporary materials and the use of lighting initially produce realistic 3D images, virtual reality, similar to a photo. By post-processing with a special program, an additional 360-degree walk-through can be offered. The viewer, prospective buyer or buyer of a property is now in the thick of it and can enjoy with the mouse pointer, the finger on the touchscreen or with the help of his cell phone and a VR glasses (Virtual Reality) a 360-degree all-around view. In the increase even open doors and explore the entire floor. Pure space impression.
Our example shows an office space under construction, the room of a responsible person, who gets to know his future office through the 360-degree animation. Anyone who builds, renovates, buys or rents takes a lot of money in their hands. Plans have to be explained – moving pictures speak without words. The property comes alive on the Internet, the "game world". A brokerage exposes lives from expressiveness and clarity. Real estate marketing is made easier by information on the Internet. Most information we take over the eye! Emotions play an essential role in all important decisions. So why not even with real estate Modeling arouses curiosity, reach more customers emotionally and potential prospects a real view into the future. Whether it is small or large projects Buyers or investors do not want to make wrong decisions.

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