Blog or Curated Content Services

Content is central to a successful marketing campaign, helping businesses engage customers, generate brand awareness and increase search engine rankings. With a blog or curated content, Spiral World can help you deliver a curated experience to customers that save their time in accessing the information they need easily and quickly. We sort through the vast amounts of content available on the web, cherry pick the most relevant content and present it in an organized and meaningful manner – helping you boost customer engagement.

Our teams follow the three-part process of content curation viz., seek, sense and share to ensure that your blog provides updated information to the readers, thereby helping them sift through the information overload.

Blog/ Content Curation Services at Spiral World: An Overview

With content curation services, we help clients in spearheading their marketing efforts by providing curated, relevant content to the target audience by sorting through the best quality online resources. We also develop a strategy for what types of content must be shared across social media accounts to proactively engage key influencers.

As part of content curation services, our teams:

  • Choose a Relevant Topic

The first step in content curation is to choose a relevant topic that relates to the industry, is neither too narrow nor too broad in scope and provides all the required information to the target audience.

  • Identify Key Industry Influencers

After determining your blog curation topic, we identify key influencers and sources, ensuring that your content is seen by them.

  • Promote

Furthermore, we share and promote the content across the right marketing channels to help you engage customers and create brand awareness.

We maintain a consistent blog posting schedule to make sure that your readers have something new to read whenever they visit your blog.

Blog Writing Services

In addition to curating content, our teams of blog writers ensure that your blog is updated with original content as well. We carry out a thorough research to find appropriate topics and create original, precise & compelling content, surrounding the most relevant and frequently searched keywords. We also promote the blog posts across social media sites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., to expand your reach and drive more traffic.

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