Augmented Reality

We comprehend that the idea of advanced communication is evolving. Increased the truth is the most ideal approach to convey a connecting with encounters to your gathering of people on their most individual gadget. 

With Augmented Reality, you can picture your clients investigating your items and thoughts in a radically new manner. You can increase all the item data you need your clients to know.AR mobile app can provide your customers with the most product insights.

Industries we support

We offer customized AR solutions for clients to help them pull  the possibilities which is offered by advanced innovations in the domain of computer-human interactions. Some of the main among them are detailed.

Brand services

We can learn from  reliable sources from that brands are increasingly getting familiarized with AR as well as the opportunities it avail. 

Media and entertainment

With AR, entertainment media has got a whole new life to it. The out of the world experience provided by television, sporting events or even music for users is something matchless. .


There are  lots of  advantages of AR in education. Concepts can be made very easily and practiculy understandable for students. Objects such as chemical reaction ,  atoms, volcanoes, heart, blood flow ,  planets etc. can be presented and explained in detail. It can bring it come to life on pages, floor, and walls or via interactive white boards. Incorporation of AR in education is thus surely a boon.


The benefit of using AR in industial matter is that decision making for manufacturers becomes hassle free.


The effective AR app for marketing involves both physical and virtual experience. Augmented reality marketing strategy helps your products gain customers attention. Also, it enhances the marketing efforts to increasing brand awareness.

Apart from that AR has been used for marketing campaigns, internal business applications, gaming education, production, manufacturing and more.

Augmented reality application-types

There are a wide variety of applications of augmented reality among which top few are detailed here.

AR on Maps

One of the epoch making benefits of AR technology is associated with geo-location as well as geospatial mapping. The places of interest can be provided with data, facilities and twitter information etc. Also maps can include several other augmented details.

AR using image recognition

Image recognition backed by AR helps internet users to access details quicker and enjoy a more appealing presentation and more secure.

AR based games

Illusions created by AR increase the aura and features of games. Sounds, pictures, 3D additions and a lot more elements are augmented to make the games more realistic. The characters, motions, audio and speeches delivered etc. are enhanced to make the game interesting and addictive.

Our expertise covers both AR content and apps

We can ensure you the highest quality AR content and apps. Experts with us can help you in environment creation, motion capture, product presentation, 3D design and animation. Besides, we can develop AR applications for Windows, Android and IOS; either you can provide the content or we will create by ourselves.

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