Penetration Testing

Why is Penetration Testing ? 

Spiral World offers the services of penetration testing of programs and applications for companies to guard corporate data and personal information and make sure a proper level of the defense system. Recent hackers' attacks show that even small system vulnerability gives hackers the opportunity to gain authorized right to use and corrupt data


How we use 

We provide our customers with the complete information about security inspection processes and detected issues beside with the steps of their replica. Also, on the ground of our experience in security testing, we can offer suggestions on how to build the system safer and keep at bay from potential threats.


Tools we use

So as to raise the efficiency of penetration testing, we use solutions that decrease the time required for testing. Depending on the type of an application we test and the goals set, we select a proper tool:

  • Security scanners be fond of Acunetix WVS, Zed Attack Proxy
  • Different support tools for application traffic scanning, data decryption
  • Scanners for detecting specific types of vulnerabilities

We pertain Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) methodology to carry out penetration testing manually by black box methodology. The majority of security bugs are connected with the risks like injections flaws - SQL, XXE, OS, improper authentication and session, cross-site scripting (XSS) flaws, broken access control, security misconfiguration, sensitive data exposure

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