Google Panda Recovery Services

Let Spiral World Help You Free Your Website from The Clutches of Google Panda!

Google Panda is a quality algorithm that evaluates the overall quality of a website in terms of its content, and to content ratio and keyword density. If you have witnessed a sharp traffic drop by 70% and a decline in keyword rankings, your site may have been hit Google Panda update. At Spiral World, we can help you reclaim your lost rankings as well as traffic with Google Panda recovery services.

We have a dedicated team of SEO specialists, who help right from running a Baseline Rank Check, using tools like Copyscape to analyze the website for duplicate content to re-writing poor quality content and making it relevant & engaging for the target audience. As per the findings, we provide you an action plan that includes re-writing content, working on Meta descriptions, ensuring appropriate keyword density in the content, etc. Furthermore, we resubmit your site’s XML sitemap to Google for indexing.

A Glance at Spiral World’s Google Panda Recovery Services

If your website content is not written as per the standard quality guidelines of Google, we have the solutions. We analyze and work on the following issues to help our clients recover from Google Panda update:

  • Duplicate, Thin Content

Our team of copywriters goes through your website to find out if there are a number of pages with copied content from other sites, or duplicate Meta titles and descriptions – Google sees both the conditions as low-quality.

  • Irrelevant Content

We also review your web pages to examine how relevant is the content for users. Based around a set of target keywords, the content should be as specific as possible. This will help the users not only navigate through the website and improve user metrics, thereby boosting your ranking for specific keywords.

  • Keyword Stuffing/ Over-optimization

We review each page on your site to find out if there is a lot of keyword stuffing content or a number of over-optimized internal links.

  • Ad to Content Ratio

If your website has a lot of content that reads more like promotional with large ad banners especially above the fold, it may be affecting your website's performance in search engines. The idea is to keep the advertisements to a minimum and below the fold so that it is not the first thing that the users see when they land on a page.

  • User Metrics

Our team of Google Panda Recovery experts also analyzes site-wide and page-level metrics for each landing page including Number of Visitors, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, Exit Rate, Time on Page, Time on Site and Funnel Drop Off.

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