Online Brand Protection Services

It would have cost you thousands or millions of dollars to build your brand – yet it is vulnerable to online threats and attacks. The result? Tarnished brand reputation, lost customer trust and negative ROI. Banding together with Spiral World Marketing for a scope of online brand security administrations can enable you to ensure your image, items, benefits and online fame. We encourage appropriate from recognizing, getting ready, distinguishing and checking to recuperating from computerized assaults like area robbery, phishing assaults, social space action, pantomime plans, versatile application dangers and commercial center fraud that threaten your business, your people, and your customers.

Our teams devise and implement effective online brand reputation strategies to combat counterfeiting, grey market activities as well as IP abuse, protecting your business 24/7/365.

Spiral World Marketing’s Suite of Brand Protection Services: Protecting Your Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty Built over the Years

With the exponential increase of the illegal use of companies' brands, trademarks, and services, businesses have to stay alert all the time and ensure utmost brand protection. Spiral World Marketing offers unmatched expertise to clients, helping them identify online fraud and threats, as well as protect their brand, trademark, and products from attacks that may arise from anywhere in the world. With our online brand protection services, we can safeguard you from:

  • Domain name mishandle, including cybersquatting, grammatical error robbery, and bit squatting
  • Abuse, abuse, and inappropriate show of your organization's logos, trademarks, and other visual marking components
  • Counterfeit and dark market deals
  • False affiliation
  • Unauthorized and phony internet-based life accounts
  • Paid look tricks
  • SEO control
  • Real-time discovery of online phishing attacks and other fraudulent websites
  • Unlicensed and malicious mobile apps leveraging your brand
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