Social Media Community Management

Community management is the process of managing, monitoring and promoting your brand followers across diverse social media platforms.

One of the main objectives of any social media strategy is to establish and promote a community. However, developing this community many times takes a lot of your focus and resource. While this is essential for boosting your brand’s visibility, it is actually only a small part of the whole social media strategy.

Community managers are your brand ambassadors

As your brand ambassador, we supervise your social media campaigns to make sure that they are in accordance with the planned social media strategy. Our community managing experts provide quick directions to contributors on various social media platforms. During the period of crisis, our experts can step in for effective crisis management.

Our experts are proficient in monitoring platform metrics and establishing reputation management routines. Every quarter we prepare a report on your brand's overall performance on social media platforms and support it with recommendations. Our vast experience across diverse industry verticals gives us an edge over our competitors. Since community managers act as your brand ambassadors, we make sure that they are experts and are efficient in delivering quality services at all times.

Spiral World Marketing offers a wide gamut of community management services to help organizations to manage their online communities more efficiently and professionally.

  • Engage with your online community

Interact with your community by providing constant updates and sharing user appropriate content. Create your brand presence among your customers through your website.

  • Provide human touch to your brand

Humanizing your brand by engaging with the users on a regular basis. Our teams of community managers represent your brand and become your brand ambassadors with whom users can directly interact.

  • Manage customer feedback and queries

Our community managers review the feedback and with the help of social media analytics we evaluate your brand’s performance on a regular basis. After going through user’s feedback we suggest improvements so as to enhance user experience.

  • Forum moderation

Our community managers take an active part in community discussions as well as help moderate content to maintain the health of the forum and keep it user-friendly.

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