Smart Card Based Services in Campus

One ID card for everything and that is the key point. Smart cards can serve as the foundation for a wide range of applications, providing opportunities to streamline security and administrative tasks across the entire campus. The process starts during student admission. It is here that the Institute issues a durable, smart ID card embedded with RFID technology. Once an education district implements smart ID cards, the technology serves as the ideal foundation for ongoing benefits, campus-wide.

 RFID based Fixed Asset Management:

This solution helping you to track, trace and manage your valuable assets at ease.
Software Components Name is given below:
              Asset Acquisitions Management with full profile.
              Record the asset’s cost information, as required by procurement
              Numbering, Assets tagging and tracking with UHF RFID integration.
              Location (Company, Site, Building, Floor, Room)
              Multiple Quantity asset record generation
              Asset Allocation & Asset Relocation
              Asset Audit/ Physical Verification
              Asset Revaluation
              Improvements, Betterments, and Maintenance
              Asset Retirement and Disposal
              Lost, Damage, Missing or Stolen Fixed Assets
              Asset Physical Inventory
              Inventory Reconciliation
              Depreciation Calculation
              Dashboard, etc




Gym Management Service:
       • Automated payment processing
       • Gym member identification
       • Maintain Gym entrance and exit control
       • Gym member creation 
       • Gym uses record keeping


Bus Fare Management:

      • Auto Bus fare collection by Smart Card
      • Auto Bus fare Management


Vehicle Tracking System:

      • 1Card Holder can view the buses current location by 1Card App
      • Traveling history keeping
      • Traveling route Identification

Photocopy, Printing and Scanning Services:
     • Minimize Photocopy, Printing and Scanning costs by 1Card System.
     • 1Card users can pay for Printing, Photocopy and Scanning service charges without the hassle.
     • The self-service print & copy system fulfils the ID identification and price collection are accomplished via                    Smart ID Card.
     • Cloud base Printing Service.
Canteen Bill Management Service:
      • To Purchase Canteen Items and Pay Bills
      • To View Canteen Inventory
      • To View Purchasing Foods Items
      • To View Bills Payment status


Mobile Recharge Service (Top up) :
      • Card holders can Recharge their mobile by 1Card App 
      • All mobile operators (in BD) can top up

Parking Management:

      • Manage vehicle access control by UHF RFID Technology, 
      • Parking management by 1Card solution
      • UHF Card reader can automatically validate cardholder’s identity 
      • Manage the parking fees.




1Card Recharge Service:
      • 1Card holder can load their cards with credit amount by 1Card App
      • 1Card Recharge Service is available by Agent and booth services

Integrated Mobile Apps Service:
1Card holder can view related information by Integrated 1Card Apps Service

 Alumni Management System:
       • Share a topic and comments about the topic of this group.
       • View Nearby alumni list
       • Communication with alumni by app.
       • Alumni job placement information
       • Alumni job posting and Searching
       • Notification Panel (such as: notice, seminar, job post)

Payment service:
1Card holder can pay their Tuition fee, Exam fees by 1Card and Apps.

Student Entrance and Exit Tracking by UHF RFID Reader channel for Door :
Automatically Student Entrance and Exit Tracking by UHF RFID Reader channel for Door










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